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I write because I realize that it is a good exersice in maintaining mental health. It’s like a therapy. Writing will slow us down after so many rushes we usually did, take us out of the restlessness loop, and set us aside from the terrifying life traffic. If the world is a rushing river, then taking time to write, be it in a journal or only a few thoughts, or else conjure some words to be a poetry will be a brief respite on the river’s shaded banks. Continue reading


20200725_113928_0000-015675867582293563552.jpegWe finally found each other. When I first met you, I knew there was a feeling of inevitability between us. Feels like the universe conspired to map out our rendezvous point. It’s like our soul has been pulled in the same direction that leads us to this fate. After vanquishing a faraway distance, after hurtling through space and time, we could finally hold each other hands and hold each other hearts as well. What a magical rendezvous, isn’t it?

Magical Rendezvous

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Want you to love me

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I want you to love me
when you’ve come to realize
air, never enough to make you breath
water, never enough to quench your thirst
sun, never enough to light your day
moon, never enough to illuminate your night
only love, never enough to keep you alive

-I wanna be all you need